for music theatre

Revelations is a multimedia project based on the striking visions of the 13th-century poetess and mystic Hadewijch d’Anvers (s.d. - 1248).

Hers are among the most astonishing writings in the history of our literature. In her Visions, in the tradition of mediaeval Christian mysticism, she describes an ecstatic loving relationship with the divine Other, the key word is passion.
In a setting in which the soprano Lore Binon is placed opposite 5 singers of Cappella Amsterdam, this work seeks out the power of visionary experiences and ecstasy in our contemporary context.
Wim Henderickx is writing a new work in which we hear the inspiration taken from mediaeval and Renaissance music for female voices. The HERMESensemble and Jorrit Tamminga’s electronic music are given an important role in the score. Following VOID and THE QUEEN WITHOUT A COUNTRY, Wim Henderickx is once again collaborating with the director Wouter Van Looy.
Soprano Lore Binon

Produced by Muziektheater Transparant
co-produced by deSingel, Opera Days Rotterdam, HERMESensemble and Cappella Amsterdam.



Norsk Musikforlag (publisher)


for music theatre (+/- 70')
commissioned by Muziektheater Transparant
World premiere: 21 April 2017, deSingel Antwerp - Opera21 Festival
Wim Henderickx, composition, percussion and musical direction
Hadewijch d’Anvers and Veerle Fraeters, text
Wouter Van Looy, director
Lore Binon, soprano
Cappella Amsterdam, choir
HERMESensemble, instrumental ensemble
Jorrit Tamminga, electronics
Kurt d’Haeseleer, video